Hello! I am Satya Raj Awasthi. I am a Computer and Software Engineer. I have a passion for engineering and developing software, learning and sharing, tutoring, and mentoring.


Ecommerce Web Shop
Fullstack Project

A full stack micorservice and component based ecommerce online shopping (eShop) application written using Java, Spring and Spring Boot in Backend, Angular, Material UI and Tailwind CSS in frontend.

Smart Credit Manager
Desktop Application

Credential Manager is a user-friendly, offline, and local PC-based application designed to help you securely store and manage login credentials, including usernames, passwords, and associated remarks. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, it provides a convenient and organized way to store your sensitive information.

Distributed Caching and Loadbalancer System
College Project

A basic implementation and visualization of caching and load balancing system for distributed platform. It's a college project that implements basic implementation of data structures like LinkedLists, Hash Maps and Pointers.

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